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Title: Titanic

Writer: James Cameron

Director: James Cameron

Year: 1997

Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, Bill Paxton, and Billy Zane

Story: Titanic is a film about a love story that blossoms on the historical giant, Titanic. Rose and Jack come from very different financial backgrounds but once they meet, true love cannot determine their heart’s desires. Rose is engaged to Cal when Jack and Rose first meet. Rose was not in love with Cal and was only going to marry him because her mother insisted for their financial future. Rose’s mother and her fiancé, Cal, soon discover that they have been hanging out and do everything in their power to stop it. This film demonstrates how much love two people have for each other and replays a historical event of the Titanic sinking. From beginning to end, the score to the dialogue, this movie says for itself why it became a blockbuster at the box office.

Titanic’s use of sound

Dialogue: Dialogue is what is being said in a film between characters. This can include when a actor is reading a letter from someone else but is performed with the character that wrote the letter’s voice or conversations that are held between characters in scenes or even when characters can overhear conversations from other characters talking. Whatever is being said is considered dialogue. Dialogue can even move the plot further without having to show action to move the plot (Goodykoontz &Jacobs, 2014). From the moment Jack and Rose meet, their chemistry is abundant. They cannot stop keeping in contact with each other and they are speak in tones that invite the audience in to seem like they are involved in this blossoming romance with them. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they are able to have true conversations with each other and not have to worry about impressing anyone and can truly be themselves.


Sound Effects: Sound effects are noises that are made from things that the camera cannot pick up or the sounds need to be more enhanced to create reactions to the film. Throughout Titanic, there are many sound effects from the seagulls flying around, the dolphins chirping, the waves crashing as the Titanic moves along, to even the wind when characters are outside on the ship. These sounds help set the environment and can set the tone of the scenes depending on what is happening. When the Titanic does split into two after it started sinking, the sounds from the ship’s wood creaking and splitting, gives an eerie vibe and creates suspense because the characters do not know what is going to happen.

Music:  Soundtrack is the music that is played in films; score is for all of the sounds in a movie (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014).  The music in Titanic is breathtaking in my personal opinion. The music was conducted by James Horner and the only artist featured on the soundtrack was Celine Dion. The music plays the scenes and changes the feeling of each one with every different song.



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